Bet £20 and get more than £20 back whatever the outcome

* Place Bets Before the Match Takes Place on 4 November 2017

Matched Betting Example

Stoke vs Leicester City (English Premier League)

12.30pm – Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bet 1 of 3


Open a Betfair Account, Deposit and Bet £10 on Stoke to Win

Click Here to go to Betfair

(* If you already have a Betfair account, you can use a Betfred)

If Stoke win

Bet 2 of 3


Open a Skybet Account to get their £10 free bet (No deposit required offer)

Click Here to go to Skybet

(* If you already have a Skybet account, Then go straight to Step 3 on the Getting Started page)

If it’s a draw

Bet 3 of 3

Leicester City

Open a Smarkets Account, Deposit and Bet £10 on Leicester City

Click Here to go to Smarkets

(* Press the green button to place a “For” bet. Aka Back bet)

If Leicester City win

* Above – You deposit a total of £20 and win more than £20 whatever the outcome. This is possible thanks to the free bet at SkyBet.

Watch the Video Below for Step by Step Instructions of How to Open Your Accounts and Place Your Bets

Congratulations on placing your first bets!

As soon as the match finishes, you will have won 1 out of the 3 bets that you placed. To see which bet won, you can check the results of the game by searching on Google or alternatively you can simply log back into each of your 3 betting accounts and see which one has money in.

One of your accounts will have more than £20 in it because it won the bet and the other two accounts will have £0 in them because their bets lost.

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